What can we create together when we are CHOOSING CONSCIOUSNESS?

Adelle King & I are two friends who love to create together. We have daily conversations in consciousness, where we ask what we can choose to have the greatest life, and what we can contribute to the planet. Consciousness is the most FUN ever!

We realized that through our different awarenesses each of us invited the other to greater choices and a greater life. Would you like to join us in our daily conversations in consciousness. We facilitated custom and core ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS  Classes and private sessions. Come discover more of what is fun and lights you up!


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Listen in on past conversations we have had on topics, tools and possibilities that we are excited to share with you!

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We love turning our inspirations into workshops, where we come together in person and online to address the areas that stick you most and create massive change!

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One of Our Chitty Chats

We were told by someone who watched, that they felt that they no longer needed therapy after our conversation!


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Past free events with Dr. Christina Meakim, DC, CF & Adelle King, CFMW. Register to receive immediate access to the replays.

Light & Heavy

Mastering your awareness with this  Access Consciousness tool that is essential in choosing more consciousness.

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Miracle Morning

In this zoom, we talk about how integrating morning routines inspired by the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod has been transformational!

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More about Adelle King, CFMW

To find out more about Adelle and her offerings, please visit her website, adelleking.com. If you are interested in taking a Foundation Class with Dr. Christina Meakim and require the Bars Class prerequisite please contact Adelle about the next available class.


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