What if you could easily know what choice would create your lightest and most generative life? 

This tool makes it simple to know what is true for you and what would create the life of your dreams. 

Ready to Master this tool and use your awareness for you? 

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What is the Miracle Morning? Ready to exponentially improve your life?

We have had massive change implementing the simple tools of the Miracle Morning into our life. Come join us in mastering Miracle Mornng!


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Would an Infinite Being Truly Choose this? If not then why would I? 

The first rule of bookclub, is there are no rules. Whether it is your first time learning the simple tools of Access Consciousness or you are a Certified Facilitator, we invite you to Join us in our conversation about the First key. 

Come join us in mastering the 10 Keys to total FREEDOM! 



Dr. Meakim on the Radio

Listen to Dr. Christina Meakim on the Radio with Access Consciousness CF, Julia Sotas as they discuss the topic of Ease, the tools of Access, books that inspire and so much more!

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"I am maybe in shock... Today has been so different from any day in a long time!!! Being in the moment is really valuable, I have needed a change in perspective for a long time!!! Dr. Meakim thank you for being you!"

Jennifer B

"I used to think that I was wrong all the time, and after working with Dr. Meakim I know that anything and everything is possible for me and my life if I just choose it! I feel sexier, and I am making more money than I ever thought was possible!"

Annie F

"Dr. Meakim was very helpful in helping me clear emotional issues that I couldn't see myself. Once she cleared them, they were gone for good! Plus, most healers I have worked with don't always sense what i'm feeling correctly and they talk over me, but Dr. Meakim always made sure that we were on the same page and that she understood what I was feeling. She is great! "

Melissa T.

Possibilities to Choose

Private 1 Hour Session with Dr. Meakim

Free Yourself

Private one hour life changing session with Dr. Meakim that can be done in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. Your session can be recorded on Zoom video so that it can be replayed and you can listen to it again anytime.

If you could get anything out of this session, what would you choose? 

Choice creates. 


Access Consciousness Foundation Class

Free Your Life

What if you could have the tools and support to create the life you’ve always known is possible for you?

The Foundation is a 4 day class in Access Consciousness. It provides hundreds of tools, including hands-on body processes, that allow you to change anything.

Pre-requisite: Bars Class

If you could change anything, what would it be?


Brilliant Choosing Consciousness Classes

Free Your Mind

These classes are original creations designed by Dr. Meakim & Adelle King.

Introductions and deep dives into our favorite potent, transformational tools from Access Consciousness.

If you could choose, change or create anything, what would it be!?

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